appetizers | salads | soup



antipasta platter (serves 2-4)                                            26

an assortment of our favorite artisan cheeses & charcuterie along w/ assorted accoutrements.  candied spiced pecans, house pickled red onion, marinated olives


olives                                                                              9

imported olives house marinated in Corto EVOO infused w/ lemon zest, red pepper flakes, thyme & crushed garlic


baked goat cheese provinçial                                 16

fresh cypress grove fromage blanc rolled in herbs baked w/ simmered tomato sauce, caramelized onion, roasted garlic, kalamata olives.   served w/ crostini



little gem casaer wedge                                            17  little gem lettuce drizzled w/ our house made caesar dressing.  cherry tomatoes, crispy pancetta, toasted hazelnuts


peyrassol house salad                                                13

crisp romaine hearts, arugula, radicchio, toasted pecans, dijon red wine vinaigrette (dressing on the side)


soup du jour                                                                 11

a bowl of our homemade soup.  please ask your server for today’s choice


brussel sprout hash                                                     10

sautéed shaved brussel sprouts w/ toasted pine nuts & golden raisins


crispy polenta side                                                        7  a side of our crispy polenta cake to enjoy with your meal (contains dairy)


bread service                                               2.5 | person

grand central bakery rustic baguette, corto evoo, sea salt